The induction program at Veer Madho Bhandari Uttarakhand Technical University is a significant event, serving as a warm welcome for new students and providing them with insights into the institution’s academic and research culture. On August 19, 2023, an eminent IIT professor, Dr. Rajat Aggrawal, delivered a lecture extensive experience in research and patenting. During…


The institute’s Chandrayan poster-making competition was a creative showcase of students’ talents. Participants crafted visually stunning posters celebrating India’s lunar missions. Themes included Chandrayaan-2’s achievements and the significance of space exploration. The event fostered scientific enthusiasm and artistic expression, emphasizing the importance of space exploration in education.

Pro Bono Club

The Pro Bono Club meeting at WIT was indeed a productive one . Members discussed ongoing and upcoming community projects, including designing affordable housing and organizing STEM workshops for local schools. Ideas were exchanged, and plans were solidified to continue making a meaningful impact through engineering expertise. A successful and purposeful gathering.


On October 1, 2023, the Ministry of Tourism initiated the “Swachta Pakhwada” campaign to advocate cleanliness. In honor of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary on October 2, a vigorous cleanup took place at the ‘Women Institute of Technology campus, with students, staff, and workers actively participating. Director Professor Manoj Panda provided constant motivation and support. Swachhta…


On September 15, Engineers Day celebrated Dr. Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraya, India’s foremost engineer. The day featured seminars, quizzes, and workshops. Numan Mehraj, a Senior Data Analyst at IBM, enlightened students about  Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. A workshop on “Earning through Social Media Marketing using AI” by UPWAN  Digital followed. The day’s highlight was an intellectual…


The college celebrated Vishwakarma Puja with enthusiasm. Students and staff gathered for a prayer ceremony, followed by creative decorations in workshops and classrooms. Cultural performances showcased diverse talents. The day ended by fostering unity and acknowledging craftsmanship. A memorable celebration promoting a sense of community and creativity.

Workshop on IPR 2022

“Forget land, buildings, or machinesthe real source of wealth today is intelligence, applied intelligence. We talk glibly of “intellectual property” withouttakingonboardwhatitreally means. It isn’t just patent rights and brand names; it is the brains of the place.” The Women Institute of Technology, Dehradun in association with UttarakhandStateCouncilforScience and Technology (UCOST)Dehradun, Govt. of Uttarakhand organised a…

Volleyball Tournament

As it has been rightly said teamwork leads to success. There was an amazing journeywithmyvolleyballteam.Thejourneystartedwithmyseniorsandjuniors. Wewenttorishikeshwithourmentorsforourvolleyballmatch.Ihadgreattime withmyteammates.Evenwearehavingdifferentbranchesandyeartoobutthe coordination between us was so good. Our college management helped us to reach Rishikesh. We reached Comkaranand institute of technology and managementforourmatch.Weallgotupwithourkitwhichwasprovidedbyour college There were few teamsfighting the battle to win the game. We kept on playingandwonthematches. The…



On September 30th, 2023, WIT students engaged in a wall painting and graffiti contest. They adorned the canteen walls with unique art focused on women’s empowerment. Six teams, each with five members, participated in creating impactful social messages. This event beautified the campus while advocating for vital social issues.