About Us

The Applied Science Department serves as a cornerstone in fostering a comprehensive understanding of fundamental scientific principles, laying the groundwork for a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines. Our diverse curriculum encompasses Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Professional Communication. This multidisciplinary approach equips aspiring engineers with a robust foundation in the basic sciences, forming the bedrock for their exploration into more specialized engineering subjects.

The department’s significance extends beyond traditional scientific realms, as we actively contribute to original research and engage in ongoing debates across a spectrum of disciplines. From ethics and cultural anthropology to critical theory, cognition, ideology, and environmental studies, our faculty members are at the forefront of diverse academic pursuits. We encourage discourse and exploration in the history of science and technology, the philosophy of culture, and the very nature of theory itself.

In addressing the challenges of the new millennium, the Applied Science Department is dedicated to instilling in students not only the fundamental concepts of various sciences but also the spirit of innovation and social responsibility. By nurturing an environment that values original contributions to research and critical thinking, we empower our students to respond with vigor to the complex global dilemmas of our time. Our goal is to produce engineers who not only possess technical expertise but are also driven by a commitment to innovation and societal well-being, making meaningful contributions to the evolving landscape of science and technology in the 21st century.


To produce competent engineers with scientific applications and knowledge by building the strong teaching-learning and research environment.


M1: To produce quality manpower equipped with human and social values.

M2: To produce women computer engineers with strong base, clear thoughts, strong theoretical and analytical foundation needed to generate quality professionals in diverse societal and industrial applications.

M3: To promote the scientific applications and knowledge that students can contribute effectively to the scientific community of the world.

Message from Head of Applied Science Department

The Department of Applied Sciences is an important discipline which relies on the existing scientific knowledge to develop technology as well as gives way to explore newer horizons. The department’s role in establishment of any Engineering College is immensely important.The Department works for the strong foundation stone of the budding engineers in the field of basic sciences which helps them to have better understanding of the studies during the following years of their courses, they have chosen. The department deals, particularly, in the domains of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Management, Universal Human Values and Communication Skills.Each of our teachers is providing individual attention to the students with the goal to develop a strong base for their respective future careers by nurturing their analytical abilities and critical thinking. The well qualified and determined teachers of the department keep on engaging the students in various projects, assignments and activities which keep them abreast with latest developments. Our well-equipped laboratories of Physics and Chemistry play a major role to give the practical exposure which strengthens the base of the students for their further studies of the course. The English language Laboratory in the department has all the credit for the effective communication skills among the students. We do not leave any stone unturned to give the best quality education and utmost satisfaction to the students. Our main objective is to inspire and enable the students to handle the complex challenges that lie at the interfaces of science, technology, and society.We wish all the best to our students!!!Dr. Shilpi Mittal PanwarH.O.D, Applied Science Department