23 Nov 2023


The induction program at Veer Madho Bhandari Uttarakhand Technical University is a significant event, serving as a warm welcome for new students and providing them with insights into the institution’s academic and research culture. On August 19, 2023, an eminent IIT professor, Dr. Rajat Aggrawal, delivered a lecture extensive experience in research and patenting. During this program, Mr. Akhil Pratap Singh, an alumnus of IIM and the Uttarakhand Technical University, underscored the pivotal role of effective time management as a cornerstone for success, encouraging students to prioritize tasks based on their significance and  deadlines. Moreover, the Women Institute of Technology conducted a three-day Life Skill workshop in October, targeting 3rd and 4th-year students, where participants honed skills in public speaking, presentation, and group discussion. The  University also organized a five-day session for 1st-year students in August, focusing on skills like public speaking,  presentation, and group discussion. Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil, a heartfulness trainer with a passion for youth  t transformation, led these sessions, and they were enlightening . Dr. Alok Srivastav, a professor in Chemistry at Punjab  t Technical University, Chandigarh, provided captivating insights into the world of chemistry and the contributions of Mr. Oppenheimer. Following this, Ms. Jyotika Bedi, a Counseling Psychologist and TedX speaker, discussed the power of  positive thinking and shared practical tips for personal growth, leaving the audience inspired and motivated. The program offered a rich tapestry of experiences and knowledge for all participants.