Expert Lectures

Sr. No. Description Department Date Eminent Experts


1. Expert Lecture/Motivational Talk All Branches 8th March, 2018 Dr. D.P. Kothari
2. Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Business Strategies ECE, CSE 27th March, 2018 Dr. Upasna Singh, Durban South Africa
3. Advance Machining and Finishing Process ME 7thApil, 2018 Dr. Rahul S. Mulik, (IIT Roorkee)
4. Expert Lecture on Soil Mechanics /Motivational Talk CE 10th April, 2018 Mr. Sudhir Tiwatia, (Ethopia)
5 Optical Communication ECE 26th April, 2018 Mr. Utsav Nair and Mr. Chandan Kumar Singh (Advance Tech India Pvt. Ltd)
6 Low Power memory organization ECE, CSE 27th to 28th April, 2018 Mr. TarunJha, (EUCLID Labs)
7 Start-up and Entrepreneurship All branch 25th Aug 2018 Mr. Abhinav Jain

Mrs. Kanchan Nautiyal

Mr. Abhinav Thapar

8 Personal skill development program All 2nd year 1-3, 13-17 Aug 2018 Mrs. Rakhi Pundir
9 Data Structure CSE 2nd year 18,19,20,22,24,25,26, 27 Sep 2018 Dr. Deepak Negi
10 Mobile Computing ECE 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year 13-20 Sep 2019 Mr. Hement Raghuvanshi
11 Engineering Day All Branch 15 Sep 2019 Dr. S.N Singh
12 On “Electrical Engineering fields” Electrical Engineering 01st Oct,2018


Prof. Eyad H Abed,  (University of Maryland, USA)
13 On “Funding opportunities for sponsored research project DRDO” All dept. 03rd Nov,2018


Dr. S.K. Thakur,  (DRDO Delhi)
14 Advance learning & Practice in Manufacturing and design ME 2nd ,3rd& 4th year 08 Nov 2019 Dr. Rajendra Kumar
15 On “Innovation and Invention” All dept. 12th Nov 2018


Dr. J. Ram Kumar, (IIT Kanpur)
16 Field Effect Transistor ECE & EE 2nd year 18 Nov 2018 Dr. Tajinder Singh Arora
17 On “Advancement and future scope of Latest Technologies in Machine Design Elements” Mechanical Engineering 6th-7th Dec, 2018, 14th -15th  Nov, 2018, 16th -17th  Oct, 2018 &15th,24th-25th  Sep, 2018. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, (COER, Roorkee)
18 On“Human Rights United Nation” All dept. 15th  April, 2019


Dr. Arjumand Zaidi, Human Rights Activist
19 On “Motivational Talk and Start up” All dept. 16th April, 2019


Mr. Harjinder Singh Cheema (IIT Ropar)
20 Recent trends in Manufacturing and Designing field ME, 2nd, 3rd& 4th year 18th April 2019 Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma

Dr. Neeraj Grover

21 Electronics Instruments and Measurement ECE, 2nd year 07th Sep 2019 Dr. Bhoola Jha
22 Optical Communication and its application ECE, 4th year 07th Sep 2019 Ms. Kanchan Nautiyal
23 Fundamental of Electrical Engineering EE, 2nd, 3rd& 4th year 11th Sep 2019 Prof. Ashwini Kumar Sharma
24 Maintenance and safety in Industries ME, 2nd, 3rd& 4th year 07th Sep 2019 Mr. Megh Singh
25 Development in IOT ECE, 2nd year 17th Aug 2019 Er. Utsav Nayyar