Applied Science Department

Course  Highlights:

The undergraduate program is a broad-based program founded on the pedagogy of learning by doing.

What are your future plans?


Why did you choose this course at WIT?

We study in a very relaxed and amicable environment. The facilities are very supportive & motivate us to achieve what we want to achieve. In fact, it is the best place


The spacious infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, meritorious students and academically qualified and enthusiastic faculty are the salient features of the Department. The infrastructure and lab facilities are upgraded from time to time and provide adequate opportunities for students to learn and innovate.

Dr. Shilpi Mittal Panwar
Dr. Shilpi Mittal Panwar

Dr. Shilpi Mittal Panwar

Name of Faculty Post Educational Qualification
Dr. Shilpi Mittal Panwar Assistant Professor &
Ph.D. (UTU, Dehradun)

M.B.A. (HNBGU, Dehradun)

B.B.A. (HNBGU, Dehradun)

Ms. Konika Mukherjee Assistant Professor M.A. (DU, Delhi)

B. A. Hons. (DU, Delhi)

Dr. Reena Dhyani Assistant Professor Ph.D. (G. B. Pant University)

M.Sc. (HNBCU, Srinagar, Garhwal)

B.Sc. (HNBCU, Srinagar, Garhwal))

Dr. Ashish Naudiyal Assistant Professor Ph.D. (BHU,Varanasi)

M.Sc. (HNBGU, Uttarakhand)

B.Sc. (HNBGU, Uttarakhand)

Ms. Archana sharma Assistant Professor  



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