03 Dec 2019

Quotations are invited for minor civil work

Tender Notice 

Quotations are invited for construction of a brick structure on the first floor of the workshop building of Women Institute of Technology. The details are as attached. All sealed tender must reach to the below-mentioned address on or before 4:00 PM, 19-December-2019. All tenders should be duly signed containing complete detail and bill of material, including total cost with applicable taxes. 

Address: Director, Women Institute of Technology New UTU campus. PO Suddhowala, Premnagar Dehradun 


Sr No DSR No Item Description Unit NO of unit 1. 6.4.1 Brickwork with common burnt clay F.P.S.(non-modular)bricks of class designation7.5in superstructure above plinth level up to floor level in all shapes and sizes in: Cement mortar 1:4 (1 cement: 4 coarse sand) 

CUM 90 

  1. 4.1 Providing and laying cement concrete in retaining walls, 

return walls, walls (any thickness) including attached pilasters, columns, piers, abutments, pillars, posts, struts, buttresses, string or lacing courses, parapets, coping, bed blocks, anchor blocks, plain window sills, fillets, sunken floor etc., up to floor five-level, excluding the cost of centering, shuttering and finishing 

CUM 28.8 

  1. 4.2 Centering and shuttering including strutting, propping etc. and removal of formwork for 

CUM 5.4 

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