The Electronics & Communication Department is a dynamic hub for academic excellence and technological innovation. With diverse specializations, cutting-edge research, and industry collaborations, it provides students with a forward-thinking education. The department fosters an inclusive community and promotes interdisciplinary exploration, preparing students for success in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.



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Communication Lab (I, II, III)

  • Fully equipped lab with subsets in Analog, Digital, Microwave, and Optical Fiber Communication.
  • Conduct experiments such as AM, FM, ASK, FSK, Optical Fiber losses, and Microwave Characteristics.

Electronics Lab (I & II)

  • Lab (I) covers basic electronics characteristics of BJT, Zener, Clamper, etc.
  • Lab (II) delves into advanced topics like basic Amplifier, Oscillator circuit characteristics.

Electronic CAD LAb

  • Design and simulate Electronic Circuits on Computer systems.
  • Standard licensed software packages like MATLAB, VHDL, Active/ HDL, MultiSim, ORCAD, TASM, Lab View.

Microwave Lab

  • Major equipment includes Microwave Test Benches, VSWR Meter, & Klystron Power Supplies.
  • 6 Microwave benches & experimental setups for Gunn diode and Gunn Oscillator.

Control System Lab

  • Modules include PI-Controller, PID-Controller, Programmable Logic Controller kits.
  • Facilitates both curriculum experimentation and project work.

Project Lab

  • Facilities for project completion with software like CADD, MATLAB, Lab View, etc.
  • Expert guidance and collaboration with other labs.

Microprocessor Lab

  • Equipped with the latest instruments and technology for an in-depth experience.
  • Regular updates to instruments to keep pace with industrial growth.

Digital & Computer Organization Lab

  • Facilities for experiments such as Verification of gates, Half Adder, Full Adder, etc.
  • Latest instruments in Digital technology with regular updates.

PCB Lab & Electronic Workshop

  • PCB Lab with fabrication machines and a darkroom facility.
  • Transformer design and winding facilities.

Analog Integrated Circuit Lab

  • Fully equipped with kits such as Frequency Multiplier kit, PLL kit, digital to Analog convertor kit.
  • Regularly updated instruments.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

  • Features Lab View semiconductor with MATLAB.
  • Texas Board with CCS (Code Composite studio) software.


In addition to the College Central Library, our department boasts a well-developed Departmental Library. This resource hub enhances the learning experience by providing students with:

  • Wide collection of books on Science, Technology, Humanities, and Management.

  • Departmental library with textbooks, reference books, magazines, project reports, and seminar reports.

  • Internet facility for online interaction.


  • Emphasis on practical knowledge with the latest electronic kits.

  • Labs equipped with the latest measuring instruments and software.

  • Electronic circuits lab, digital electronic lab, PCB lab, microprocessor lab, DSP lab, Analog & digital communication lab, CAD, and electronic circuits lab.


Join us on a journey of innovation and discovery!
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